Be Aware of Trigger Leads

Be Aware of Trigger Leads


Although we take extreme measures to protect your private information…the Credit Bureaus Do NOT! As soon as your credit is pulled you may be called by all the basement dwelling bottom feeders trying to steer you to do a loan with them. Do not feed them!

Here’s Why:

While the credit bureaus have always sold your information to different sales agencies and mortgage lenders through the form of lists, they have created a new twist called “Trigger Leads.”

Every time you start the process to either purchase or refinance a home, a lender must pull your credit rating or FICO score to examine your debts and credit history. The instant your credit score is pulled by a lender, a “trigger lead” is generated by the bureaus that alerts all of lenders who subscribe to this service that a mortgage company just pulled your credit. These mortgage companies then purchase your information and pass it to their call centers. Obviously, the people at the call centers are going to do whatever it takes to get that next customer… Which is you!

Unfortunately, this is further degraded by the fact that anything you are quoted both over the phone and in writing, is not legally binding until you receive a Loan Estimate! A mortgage company or lender can legally say just about anything that they want, and still change the numbers. So, know who you are talking to before you do business with them.

You may request that consumer credit reporting companies exclude your name from lists for preapproved, unsolicited credit and insurance offers. To find out more, please call 1–888–5OPTOUT (1–888–567–8688), or go to

Please Use Caution… When discussing your finances over the phone with anyone who solicited you first, unless you first check them out with the BBB, the Office of the Attorney General, and/or previous customers…. Google them. We suspect that many of the companies that are using call centers and trigger leads are the ones that cannot go back to their old customer base… If you know what we mean.

As always, we are here to answer any of your lending or financial questions. If we don’t have the immediate answer, we have access to the resources necessary to get you a timely and accurate response.

Thank you again for your trust and your business.


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