The List of Not

The List of Not

The List of Not

When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for people to dissolve the relationship which has connected them with their landlord or lender and to assume the freedom to seek out a new and better financial future for themselves and their family, to gain equal access to products and possess a mutual respect for one another, there still exists a list of things the people should not do from this point forward in order to achieve this great accomplishment.

Thou Shalt Not:

Have any late payments on any accounts whatsoever

Attempt to pay off any Collections accounts

Allow multiple people to pull your credit

Close any currently open credit cards

Apply for a new home equity loan

Apply for any new credit cards

Apply for a new scooter loan

Apply for a new car loan

Apply for a new line of credit

Apply for new credit from a carpet or flooring store

Apply for new credit from any Home Improvement store

Apply for new furniture credit, even if it is a zero-interest plan

Book a Two Week Vacation to Hawaii, the Bahamas, or Albuquerque…

You shall be released from these restrictions upon Closing!


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