Can I get a Home Loan

Can I get a Home Loan


710 Credit – Repeat Client getting divorced, helped her refinance into her name only, and saved  her over $150 a month

750 Credit – Refinanced out of an ARM, and a HELOC, into a 30 year fixed rate, saving $365 per month for ZERO COST

Purchase – 2 Year Project – Credit Repair, Savings, and Job Progression finally enabled them to finally purchase their dream home this summer

730 Credit – Cash-Out Refinance – Heled couple take cash out of their house with rising equity, paid off Home Equity Line of Credit, Two Credit Cards, Saved them $600 a month, which they are now going to put back into their loan, and make a 20 year loan into a 15 year loan, saving them over $100,000 overall.

Refinance – Repeat Client went from paying $1518 per month down to $1,399 per month for ZERO Cost

Purchase – Helped another divorced Client fix Credit over 6 month period, and helped her buy a new home for her and her kids.

Refinance – After fixing Credit, helped Couple go from two loans down to one, saving them $1,395 per month.

Purchase – Repeat Client, 740 Credit purchased new home, used Seller’s Concessions to buy down their rate, pay no closing costs, and save $100 more per month from day one

Refinance – Helped Clients refinance, used their parents as Co-Borrowers, and changed them from a 30 year to a 15 year fixed, keeping payment the same, but saving them over $60,000 in interest over 15 years.

Cash-Out Refinance – Helped Clients take equity out of their house, to pay off two credit cards. Saving them $925 a month and over $75,000 in interest over 20 years

740 Credit – Refinance – Paid off a 5 Year ARM and a Fixed Second, combined them in to one loan, and saved them over $450 a month

These are just some of the examples of the Benefit I provided clients in 2014 in lots of unique situations. How can I provide benefit for you, or someone you know???

**All of these examples happened in prior years. Each situation was based on a very specific set of circumstances. None of these scenarios are available in the current market; all rates and programs happened a year ago. They were only available at that time, and have no relevance to anything or anyone whatsoever. They are just past examples of what was achieved for clients who needed help. All scenarios are subject to DAILY change based on conditions and ability to qualify. These are neither a customer specific quote nor an offer or guarantee to lend. Call today for a personalized quote**


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